Our Projects

Our Projects

To keep alive the memory of their ancestors, the Trustees would like the Foundation to undertake charity projects in Dera Baba Nanak. Some suggestions received are as follows:

  • Procure the ancestral piece of land measuring approx 300 sq yds in Galli Quilewali, Mulkh Raj Mohalla from the Trustees as gift.
  • Purchase the adjoining land in front, approx 150 sq yds, from Sardar Mangal Singh. He is willing to sell.
  • Try and convince S Kulwant Singh Bedi to sell his portion, which is approx 300 sq yds, to the Foundation. If successful, the Foundation would then own approx 750 sq yds of plot. There after try and procure the Sodawala’s compound measuring approx 250 sq yds
  • Having procured the ancestral and adjoining land, the Foundation should get a building constructed on the said plot for usage as a girls school for vocational studies. The school could then be handed over to a charity / NGO / Para Military forces for managing and running the same.
  • After concluding the ancestral land project, the Foundation would like to take on a bigger project, may be a dispensary on a sizeable piece of land to be procured near the Devi Mata Mandir.
  • The Foundation also wishes to look at big development projects, for which Finance, Political patronage and sensitization, and project management needs to be evaluated and put in place. One such project could be converting DBN into a “Flies Free” town. Flies are a menace in DBN. That isall due to poor sanitation and external exposed sewerage. DBN is a sacred place for the Sikhs. The Punjab government has to be sensitized to do more for this town. Sanitation and Sewerage Project with a sewer treatment plant would be a boon for this town and make the place worthy of its name and heritage.
  • The Foundation could also lend its voice and support to organizations that are spearheading the campaign for the ‘Kartarpur Corridor Project’ which has been a demand of the Sikh community for several years.
  • Other projects could include upkeep and maintenance of the Samadhs of Bedi ancestors so as to provide befitting sanctity to such places; Compiling and dissemination of our history and heritage to the coming generations; Creating employment opportunities for the jobless belonging to DBN;
  • To finance the charity and development projects, the Foundation must collect a corpus of Rupees Two Crores. This target would require large donations from the members and concerted fund raising drive by them. The grand sons of Baba Ram Singh Bedi are expected to lead the initiative and inspire other members to emulate. Let us put a target of rupees three lacs per member.

Tikka Brijinder Singh Bedi is going to lead the Foundation and set the ball rolling. Narinder Khanna will lead the fund raising drive. Secretarial, accounting, taxation and certain execution support will be provided by PSBedi Group. Confirmations of financial support have been received from Baba Pritpal Singh Bedi, Brijinder Singh Bedi, Manvinder Singh Bedi, Harjit Singh