About trustees

About trustees

This photograph is of 1940, taken at Gurdial Singh Studio, Baba Atal, Amritsar

Standing:  Baba Inder Singh Bedi, Baba Amrik Singh Bedi, Baba Kirpal Singh Bedi, Baba Iqbal Singh Bedi, Baba Darbara Singh Bedi, Baba Pritpal Singh Bedi, Baba Jagjit Singh Bedi
Sitting on Chairs: Mrs Shanti Devi w/o Baba Inder Singh Bedi with her daughter Amrit Kaur in lap, Bibi Kundan Kaur, Baba Ram Singh Bedi, Mata Mel Kaur, Bibi Rachpal Kaur with Sukhminder (Bindo) in lap, Bibi Jasbir Kaur w/o Baba Darbara Singh Bedi
Sitting on floor: Darshan d/o Bibi Rachpal Kaur, Bibi Shanta Kaur, Jaspal Singh (Paali) s/o Bibi Rachpal Kaur

The trustees of the Foundation are the 15th generation of the Quilewale Bedis. The insperation and the common factor to the Trustees is their Grandfather Baba Ram Singh Bedi, who had seven sons and three daughters. Of the ten children, nine raised families. Baba Amrik Singh Bedi died young. The six brothers, Baba Inder Singh Bedi, Baba Jagjit Singh Bedi, Baba Darbara Singh Bedi, Baba Kirpal Bedi, Baba Iqbal Singh Bedi and Baba Pritpal Singh Bedi were go getters and excelled in their respective fields. They started their business in Dera Baba Nanak, then moved to Lahore and finally moved to Delhi with the exception of Dr Inder Singh Bedi who moved to Jabalpur. The last of the 14th generation, Baba Pritpal Singh Bedi left for the heavenly abode on 10 June 2013. He visited Dera Baba Nanak for the last time in April 2012. In 2011 he settled the Trust and named it Bedi Foundation and sought the 15th generation of Quilewale Bedis to take it forward. The foundation is now being led by Baba Tikka Brijinder Singh Bedi son of Baba Jagjit Singh Bedi of Golf Links, New Delhi.

To finance the charity and development projects, the Foundation must collect a corpus of a few Crores. This target would require large donations from the members and concerted fund raising drive by them. The grand sons of Baba Ram Singh Bedi are expected to lead the initiative and inspire other members to emulate. Let us put decent target per member and contribute on regular basis within each individual capacity. There are no compulsions.

Tikka Brijinder Singh Bedi is leading the Foundation and has set the ball rolling. The family will assist in the fund raising drive. Secretarial, accounting, taxation and certain execution support will be provided by PSBedi Group. Confirmations of financial support have been received from several members.

All grand sons, all grand daughters and all great grand children of Baba Ram Singh Bedi and being the proud 15th and 16th generation of the Great Guru Nanak are requested to pitch in and send their confirmation for becoming members of the Foundation and their willingness to support the Foundation financially and/or otherwise.It is our collective effort that shall enable the Foundation to take up more ambitious projects and keep the Quilewale Bedi heritage alive.