Baba Ram Singh Bedi, the 13th peerhi of the great Guru Nanak, had married a Hindu lady, Mata Mel Kaur from the Bhambri family. Baba Ram Singh Bedi had one brother, Baba Lachman Singh Bedi, and four sisters.

Of the four sisters, one was married into the Nanda family. Her son Mr. Munni Lal Nanda had settled in Meerut and established a factory for manufacture of Brushes for the Sugar industry. Mr Munni Lal Nanda, who is no more, had three sons and one daughter. He had also lost his second son, who was fondly called ‘Bau’. The remaining family still lives in Meerut.

The second sister was married into the Chopra Family and she had two sons namely Kartar Chand Chopra, who had joined the Army and retired as Colonel, and Daryai Lal Chopra. Kartar Chand was very close to the Quilewale Bedis 14th generation, as he was brought up along with them in Dera Baba Nanak. Kartar Chand, Tayaji as he was known and called by the 15th generation of Quilewale Bedis, is very fondly remembered for his long association with the 14th generation Bedi brothers and sisters. Kartar Chand was survived by his daughter Adarsh and son Atul Chopra. Kartar Chand Chopra owned a house in Defence Colony, New Delhi which has probably been sold now. His brother, Daryai Lal Chopra, had seven sons, of whom OP Chopra (Pashi) was close to the Quilewale Bedi Family. Pashi had joined the Military Engineer Services and rose to a decent rank.

The third sister was also married in to another Chopra family from Firozepur. There is no information available of her family.

The fourth Sister was married but expired soon thereafter. There is no information available of her family too.
Baba Lachman Singh Bedi, the brother of Baba Ram Singh Bedi, had two sons, Baba Bagh Singh, Baba Rajinder Singh and one daughter, Bibi Damanjeet Kaur. The relationship between the two brothers, Baba Ram Singh Bedi and Baba Lachman Singh Bedi, had soured due to family disputes but in later years Bibi Damanjeet became very close to the 14th generation Bedi cousins. Bibi Damanjeet had migrated to Mumbai and is settled there. To the family of Baba Lachman Singh Bedi also belonged Baba Rai Singh Bedi, son of Baba Rajinder Singh. He was also very close to the 14th generation Bedis and in particular to Baba Dr Jagjit Singh Bedi. Rai Singh Bedi migrated to Germany and he expired there only. Brother of Rai Singh Bedi still resides in Village Nanak Chak near Dera Baba Nanak.

Mata Mel Kaur, wife of Baba Ram Singh Bedi, had a sister who was married into the Vachcher family. Mr. Raghu Nath Vachcher, her son was quite close to the 14th generation Bedis. Raghu Nath Vachcher had set up a good business in Delhi, which is being run by his son Vinod Vachcher.

Mata Mel Kaur also had a Brother whose son Madan lal Bambri was again quite close to his cousins, the 14th generation Bedis.

Another family close to the 14th generation Bedis were Madhok Brothers. Krishan lal Madhok and …………. were from the Nankas of Mata Mel Kaur. Madhok Brothers had a flourishing construction business.

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