mailIt is interesting to know that on 01 January 1854, the Qilewale Bedis had received a JAGEER of Rupees 3621.00 per annum in different shares for their life time. Baba Dhanrajpat Bedi (10th Peerhi), the father of Baba Bagh Singh who in turn was the grandfather of Baba Ram Singh Bedi, was one of the recepients. His share was approx Rupees 900.00 per annum for his life time and on his demise, his son Baba Bagh Singh was to continue to receive Rupees 200.00 per annum for his life time. Baba Dhanrajpat was 78 years old at the time of this award of JAGEER on 01 Jan1854. So Baba Dhanrajpat’s year of birth must have been 1775. The other co-recipients of this Jageer were two widows of Baba Milap Chand (11th Peerhi) – son of Baba Mulkh Raj, three sons of Baba Bhugwant Singh, who in turn was the son of Baba Mool Singh, who was the brother of Baba Mulkh Raj and Baba Dhanrajpat. Accordingly these three brothers were the cousins of Baba Gobind Baksh (12th Peerhi) father of Baba Ram Singh. The eldest of the three cousin recipients was Baba Heera Singh(38years) and the youngest of the three was Baba Juhangirchand(27years), all ┬ásons of Baba Bhugwant Singh(11th Peerhi). Being cousins of Baba Gobind Baksh, it can be safely assumed that Baba Gobind Baksh must have been in his teens around this time. The date of demise of Baba Gobind Baksh is recorded in the Pothi of his son Baba Ram Singh Bedi as 07 Oct 1906. His year of birth, therefore, must have been in 1840s.

This JAGEER was issued from the office of the Chief Commissioner of Punjab as free gift of the British Government.