Baba Nanak, the first Sikh Guru and the founder of the Sikhism, always regarded Hindus and Muslims as equals and referred to himself as neither Hindu nor Muslim. During his travels he visited many Hindu and Muslim pilgrimages including Banaras, Hardwar, Mecca and Bagdad, challenging their rituals, dogmas and caste systems. After his travels he settled at Kartarpur Sahib where he tilled land for 17 years and preached his messages through his Shabad Kirtans. On his death in 1539 his Hindu and Sikh followers wanted to cremate him and his Muslim followers wanted to bury him. In Kartarpur there is a Samadh at the place where he was cremated and there is also a grave where the Muslims performed the last rites.

Bhai Ji Bhai Maskeen has very beautifully brought out in the below posted video clip, the discord that occurred amongst his followers on his last rites.

Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara, the resting place of Guru Nanak, can be seen with naked eye from Indo Pakistan Border at Dera Baba Nanak.

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Mrs. Madhu Sawhney – Yamuna Nagar : 30 March 2018

At chola sahib and the border to see kartarpur sahib

Harkirat Singh Bedi – Bangalore : 4 April 2018

Even today, 750 Muraba of land (18,750 Acres) is in the name of *Guru Nanak* in the revenue records of *Nankana Sahib, Pakistan.*

(1 murraba = 25 Acres)