Baba Dalip Singh Bedi (13th Peerhi) was the first cousin of Baba Ram Singh Bedi. He was the son of Baba Nanak Baksh Singh Bedi who was brother of Baba Gobind Baksh Singh Bedi, father of Baba Ram Singh Bedi. He was a tall handsome man with a height of 5′-9.5″. He joined the British Indian Army on 01 April 1901 at the age of 18 and served for 20 years 4 months and 27 days. At the time of discharge he was only 38 years+. His discharge certificate was signed by Capt CB Birdwood , Squadron Commander of B Sqn of XI Lancers. In recogntion of his distinguished service during the Great War 1914-1919, he was awarded a Jangi Inam of Rupees Ten per month payable monthly for two lives. This Sanad was signed on 01 Nov 1920 at Simla by Maj Gen AH Bingley, Secretary to the Govt of India, Army Department.

Risaldar Dalip Singh as a Jemadar in 1917 was also bestowed the honour of being a member of the Mounted Imperial Escort advance party for the Opening of Parliament in London by HIS MAJESTY KING GEORGE V on 07 Feb 1917. The Mounted Guared was commanded by Major L E Barry of 1st Life Guards. The Indian Army contingent was commanded by Major C H Rowcraft of the 9th Horse. Jemadar Dalip Singh of XI Lancers was then attached to the 19th Lancers. A Certificate of Participation was issued by Major Nevile R Wilkinson, DAAG, London District, Staff Officer in Charge.

In Dera Baba Nanak in Mulkh Raj Mohalla, Risaldar Dalip Singh Bedi was addressed to as Chacha Dalip Singh. Since in 1901, at the time of his joining the Army, he was eighteen, his year of birth would have been 1883. Further being a Chacha, he would be younger to Baba Ram Singh Bedi and that corroborates the year of birth of Baba Ram Singh Bedi as being around 1882.

Baba Dalip Singh Bedi had two sons, Baba Manjit Singh and Baba Malinder Singh. Both of them are probably settled in Toranto, Canada. Baba Manjit has two sons and Baba Malinder has three sons.

samadhiBaba Dalip Singh Bedi died on 22 Feb 1972. There is a samadh of Baba Dalip Singh Bedi built by his sons Baba Malinder and Baba Manjit Singh in the Bedian da Mandir, Dera Baba Nanak.